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Stock photography agency is where you buy a license to download digital photographs for your personal or commercial use. Off course you would need to pay some reasonable amount per photo your download but have you ever wonder how much the artist / photographer get out of those! Here is the truth, it starts at as low as 0.01 cent per download. There are many such micro stock agency e.g. Shutterstock, iStock etc. They basically killed the meaning of selling a digital photo for artist. They only care about their own commission which they don't disclose to the artist. Yet, they do get desperate photographers to upload photos to sell through them. Now a days, almost everyone with a phone is a photographer if not anything less. So those agency keeps getting their supply of new images everyday.

I'm not one such photographer. Photography is one of my passion rather than profession. The day I saw iStock gave me 10 cents commission for one of my image, I asked them to delete my entire portfolio and close my account. I also did the same for Shutterstock. 

I decided to give some images free to my readers than earning 10 cents commission. So, I am uploading photos in this page without any watermark. You can download them free for your personal use. I do expect you mention the copyright credit for any commercial use.

Please do visit my Pixels Portfolio in case you want Prints for your office or living room walls. They have a wide range of frame to match with your choice. 

This free inventory will keep growing over time. Do bookmark this page or subscribe to my blog to revisit in the future.

California Scrub Jay

Northern Mockingbird

Wild Turkey

Great Egret

Great Blue Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

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