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Alaskan Wildlife

Alaskan Wildlife
Alaskan Brown Bear - Brooks Falls

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There are many Stock Photography Agencies where you would normally buy a license to download digital photographs for your personal or commercial use. Did you know that these agencies keep up to 85% of the money you pay and pass a mere 15% or less to the phorographers who created the image. Sure, marketting has it's price but if the share is not fair, I would not even go there

So, I decided to give some of my images free to my readers. These images are without any watermark but still copyright protected. So please do mention photo credit to 'Amazing Action Photography' for any commercial use.

This free inventory will keep growing over time. Do bookmark this page or subscribe to my blog to revisit in the future.

Snowy Egret Great Egret
A Juvenile Red-winged Blackbird California Scrub Jay
Northern Mockingbird Wild Turkey
Spotted Sandpiper Black-crowned Night Heron
Great Blue Heron Brown-headed Cowbird - Female
Song Sparrow Monarch Butterfly
American Avocet Lesser Sandpiper
Brewer Blackbird - Female California Magpie

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