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Santa Cruz Natural Bridge

A breathtaking sunset view, sandy beach, bird rock, and Monarch Butterfly on the boardwalk complete the list of attraction at Santa Cruz Natural Bridge. Drive a little further south, you see the light house and the seal island. It's a good place to spend few hours with the nature.
A Dramatic View of the Bird Rock
The Natural Bridge Rock
Bird Rock - Clear View
A Diving Pelican
The BeachThe Beach
The Play AreaWaves and the Tourist
Sunset BeginningThe Beach During Sunset
A Wider ViewThe Natural Bridge at Santa Cruz
Monarch Butterfly Closeup Butterfly Nest on Boardwalk
The People and A BirdThe Birds on the Bird Rock
A Shadow before the Sun
The Amazing Color Of Sunset

Golden Gate and the Marin Headland

Ever wonder what lies beyond the hills, north of Golden Gate Bridge! Marine Headlands is a very scenic area, consists of several hills,  Golden Gate Light House, and few old army barracks now used for nature reserve activities.  The Muir Woods is not far from here but you would have to drive few miles on US-101 north to get there. 
View of Golden Gate Bridge from Light House

Many visitors would just stop at vista point, have a stroll on the bridge and return home or head to Muir Woods. But if you just go to the other side of US-101, the place is photographer's paradise. You get to hike, bike, surf, or shoot lush green nature and wildlife. If you are lucky, you may also see few marine mammals too. There is a marine mammal hospital in that area too. Here are the few photos I shot during my trip in this Marine Headland.

Fort Cronkhite as seen from the hill ahead of it. 

That is an amazing Beach
The Beach at Fort Cronkhite

These flowers look so amazing when you pass through the trail
Wild Flowers

When Ice Plant Blooms, you love it more
Ice Plants

Just Look at them and appreciate their beauty
Amazing yellow bloom

The Coyoto Came out at dusk, looking for it's supper
The cutest Coyoto

She raised her ears on the sound of shutter clicks but then she was not afraid, got back to grazing grass, only occasionally looking around
The Deer

The long stem, full of blooms. I asked few expert for it's name and no one had any idea. It looks amazing in the wild
Wild Flower

The Old Bunker Road is a nice trail to walk or bike on
The Direction

The cutest Robin just swallowed it's lunch and was looking for it's next course
The Blue Robin
More Photos from this Area 
The hills in SusalitoThe City San Francisco as seen from Golden Gate Light House
The Beautiful Susalito HillsSan Francisco as seen from Golden Gate Light House
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